Time Warner Cable Gave My Account Away!

Time Warner Cable / RoadRunner did the unthinkable and gave away my e-mail account that I had with them since 2002. Every business client, finanical account, newsletters and personal e-mails are now getting sent to someone, and they think that it is acceptable! Actually they know who is using the account, and their one week of owning it trumps my 4 years. They must think this is like calling shotgun or seat saver.

Apparently requesting something as simple as installation of digital phone is too complex for a company like Roadrunner/Time Warner, so complex in fact that additional services for them leads to your established accounts from being reassigned to different people and your privacy and rights thrown away.

Thats right, the same account I thought would be the best option because hey, as long as we have our account the e-mail should be fine. Instead we got digital phone that took over a month to install and our e-mail address being handed over to the next person that requested the user name I once had. Now personal, and *most* importantly business and financial e-mails are being directed to someone else.

We got digital phone, and I got to spend 3+ hours on the phone telling my story starting at the same bottom customer service tech and working my way to managers who then pass me off to a different department. Oh and days of trying to change all of my on-line accounts. No place in their Terms Of Sevice does it say we can away paying customer’s accounts from glitches in the system. I guess you don’t get what you pay for.


2 Responses to “Time Warner Cable Gave My Account Away!”

  1. Randall Says:

    Wow I’ve read my share of ISP horror stories, but this one probably takes the cake. In many ways, it’s like selling someone’s identity. Perhaps you should write to the FTC. Good luck getting that sorted.

  2. umair Says:

    sue their ass off!

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